• Modal BankBanco Modal was founded in 1996 and it has a great deal in the sectors of Energy, Oil, Gas and Construction. It has a full coverage of customers in their relentless pursuit of innovation and individualization of products and services offered. It is now one of the largest managers of private equity in Brazil, with R$ 2.5 billion in assets under management and are also active partners in running the business, allowing fast and efficient decision making. With offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Modal operates throughout the country. Visit us:

  • KSM REALTY The KSM REALTY aims to be the best manager of real estate assets, driven by extreme ethics, professionalism, agility, transparency and profitability for those involved. Our high ability in origination and asset selection, added to more than 15 years of experience in the financial and real estate markets, appear as differential able to enhance the business. In addition to the extensive know-how in analysis / real estate investments, loans and receivables securitization, we combine the full alignment to guarantee good management and governance practices in project execution. This ensures transparency in the performance, consistency and well-defined processes for detailed analysis of investments and memos to the Investment Committees, "RA's" - (Monitoring Reports). This structure coupled with the ability of financial structuring and creation of products, Banco Modal, creates a single platform in the Brazilian market and provides excellence in carrying out projects involving real estate assets.

  • INTEGRA INVESTMENS Integra Investments is a private equity and Real Estate Development Full Service company. Based in Miami, we conducted as part of our services, acquisitions, development, construction management and management of real estate assets in Florida. Our main focus is on land, residential, commercial and mixed-use real estate, aiming opportunities with high added value in different market niches. Our partners and investors can rely on the extensive experience of our team and their professional history of excellence. Integra's ability to execute projects is undoubtedly one of its main strengths. Integra serves both local investors and international as well as high value-added businesses. We believe in creating a productive and synergistic environment where, through integration with our investors and partners, the added value is generated for the successful execution of our projects.